Caring Connections

ElderSource has introduced new tools that help older adults connect to family, friends, caregivers and a variety of fun and educational activities. Caring Connections encompasses several programs that encourage social engagement, physical and mental activities and support from family and friends:

Through Caring Connections You Can:

  • Share information and support other caregivers
  • Receive regular, friendly phone calls from a volunteer
  • Join live, interactive classes
  • Stay active — physically, mentally, socially and spiritually
  • Meet new people
  • Video call family and friends
  • Receive virtual doctor visits at home
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Virtual Caregiver Support Group Photo Jax News

Virtual Caregiver Support Group

The Virtual Caregiver Support Group gives caregivers a safe place to share information, ask questions, voice personal feelings and share suggestions. The support group makes it possible for caregivers to connect face-to-face in real time with other caregivers using today’s technology. Internet access and some form of technology such as a smart phone, tablet, iPad, desk top computer or laptop computer is necessary to participate.

Telephone Reassurance Program

The Telephone Reassurance Program provides a telephone call from a volunteer to an older adult who would appreciate a friendly check-in or conversation. Telephone Reassurance volunteers reach out by phone regularly to offer a friendly check-in and an opportunity to connect to the community beyond the front door.

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With a simple attachment to your television this tool service gives you the opportunity to easily participate in fun activities, talk with your family and friends, join interactive health and wellness programs and even receive 

U.Connected has a large library of topics waiting for seniors to explore. In addition to the library, the program also features:

  • Live classes and activities
  • Health risk and reduction workshops
  • Mental and physical exercises
  • Chat rooms and groups led by people with same interests

U.Connected is accessible and ready to use

  • Works on most TVs, a phone or tablet
  • All equipment and training included
  • Customized to fit the needs and preference of each user
For more information please contact or call 904-391-6699.

Active Daily Living

Active Daily Living offers a large library of free practical resources for seniors and caregivers to use in their daily lives. The platform provides personalized advice to enhance health, independence, and aging-in-place for older adults.

Get SetUp

GetSetUp, is a new online learning platform offered through ElderSource that offers a collection of online classes specifically for older adults seeking educational and entertaining activities. Online classes are presented in real-time, not a prerecorded lecture, and encourage interaction among participants and the instructor. GetSetUp Guides, who are older adults and retired educators, help participants “learn by doing” and encourage discussion and questions during the class.
Presentation topics, which change daily and often repeated, are numerous and include how to use Zoom, smart phone, social media platforms, and other technology; how to order groceries and prescriptions online; introduction to wine appreciation; virtual tours of museums and cities; health and wellness sessions; and travel and gardening guides and more.